E-commerce platform does not publish negative ratings / reviews in India: report

New Delhi: More than one in two (58 per cent) consumers complain that their negative product ratings and reviews are not being published through e-commerce platforms, a new report showed on Tuesday.
Only 23 percent of consumers said their negative reviews or ratings have been published on e-commerce sites.
About 65 percent of consumers found product ratings on e-commerce sites to be positively biased, indicating that sellers can influence ratings for their products to attract customers and that platforms do not function actively in such situations.
About 90 percent of those surveyed said e-commerce platforms should be prohibited from re-listing low-rated products from vendors as another product, according to the community social media platform Local circles.
“One of the top issues reported by consumers is how sellers organize purchases themselves, through a network of friends and family and in some cases even through public relations and influencers designed to rate and review the product only,” the report said. Is.
Such a practice promotes initial positive ratings and reviews for the seller’s products while misleading customers, he adds.
The single biggest issue with e-commerce ratings and reviews is where the actual, verified customer review or rating is rejected by the e-commerce platform under the category “It does not meet our standards for ratings and reviews.”
“Many consumers, if they are sent a non-refundable counterfeit or counterfeit product or a separate product together, have only ratings and reviews as an available mechanism and express their dissatisfaction with it,” the report said. .
Consumers, by suppressing this information shared by ecommerce platforms, most consumers feel it is involved in improper trading practices.
In the midst of increasing adoption, reviews and ratings have emerged as an important tool when consumers shop online.
Recently, the Department of Consumer Affairs Also started a dialogue with e-commerce platforms to reduce fake or paid reviews from their platform.
In the opinion of consumers, three systemic changes – allowing customers with a verified purchase rating to review the product, allowing negative reviews / ratings as long as the language is non-standard, and not allowing sellers with negative ratings / reviews on the product. Re-list the product as a new line item – it can enhance the quality of reviews and ratings.
“Government-led action on e-commerce platforms on the above issues can immediately boost consumer confidence in e-commerce ratings and reviews,” the report noted.

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