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The former fast bowler is not happy with the mentality of some private academies, wants to KSCA To set up four centers in Bengaluru
Bengaluru: In 2002 when the Karnataka State Cricket Association Academy Launched at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, it was one of the first associations run by the association in the country. Emphasis was placed on tapping rural talent and outreach of infrastructure and coaches. But over the years, the academy’s purpose has dimmed and it has become non-functional since the Covid-19 epidemic.
With Karnataka Failed to win titles in both men’s and women’s age groups this season, the former Indian fast bowler Javagal Srinath It is necessary to strengthen the foundation at the academy level for the progress of sports in the state.
In an exclusive interview with TOI, Srinath, who served as KSCA secretary for one term, focused on his role. KSCA Academy And the need to prepare young people for the long format of the game.
Consistency that is of interest to players Ranji Trophy Change?
I have not been with the Karnataka team for a long time but Anil (Kumble), Rahul (Dravid) and I follow their progress closely. Not only the senior team, we also keep an eye on age-group cricket. (Ranji Trophy) The defeat in the quarter finals was not easy to digest. I believe it is a cycle, the realization should come from the point of view of the players and they have to rediscover themselves. The Ranji Trophy is a stepping stone to Test cricket and players eager to play a longer version of the game need to excel here at this level. He needs some amount of introspection from the players as to where and what he wants to play. I hope it’s not just the IPL. If you want to better connect with the game, the longer version is the way forward.
How has the attitude of the players towards the game changed?
Orientation of players at a young age is very important. We were lucky because our goal was just Test cricket, not ODIs. Now things are different because IPL is very challenging. I don’t blame the tournament because it is the best tournament we have created not only for the country but globally. Guidance is needed to emphasize the importance and depth of red-ball cricket. A good red-ball cricketer with a good cricketing mind can always shift his game to any other format. Adaptability becomes very important here and when you prepare them from an early age, it becomes easy to switch formats. Some dignitaries have already done so.
Does the current structure need to be revisited?
I don’t know the current composition because I’m too far from it. That said, I think we need to insist on more two-day and three-day matches. Players have to play long innings at the league level. This is the only way you are going to create the inclination and mindset towards red-ball cricket.
What is your opinion on private academies?
Some academies do not have the right attitude or purpose, we have to be careful of them. I have nothing against a private academy, but cricket should not be sold, it should be taught instead.
How important is the role of KSCA Academy?
It is very crucial. I recently chatted with KSCA Secretary Santosh (Menon). I suggested that the number of KSCA academies should increase. I believe there are at least 500 quality cricketers in Bengaluru alone. Whatever private academy they go to, Cream should be part of the KSCA academy. It is the responsibility of KSCA to provide them with the best infrastructure. Having an academy on the KSCA campus is not enough for a city like Bengaluru. We should have four association-run academies located in many parts of the city. There should be a uniform principle for all age groups with the same value system.
What about the need to tap more mofasil talent?
During our tenure as administrator, the main focus was on cricket infrastructure. Karnataka now has some of the best infrastructure, so it has to be put to better use to tap talent. In a city like Mysore, KSCA should run an academy with 60-70 youths. That’s what I want to see, not just inside Mysore But also in other districts.


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