dhanush: Aishwarya Rajinikanth removes estranged husband Dhanush’s name from social media | Hindi Movie News

Three months after announcing their separation, Megastar Rajinikanth‘S daughter Aishwarya has deleted the name of her estranged husband Bow From her social media bio.

It seems that Aishwarya doesn’t want to give fans false hope of her reconciliation with Dhanush because they were friendly. Twitter Exchange last week.

The 40-year-old director has removed Dhanush’s name from his Twitter and Instagram bios. She changed her Twitter handle from @ash_r_dhanush to @ash_rajinikanth. Her Instagram bio now reads her name this way Aishwarya RajinikanthHowever, the username is still Aishwarya R Dhanush (ishaishwaryaa_r_dhanush).

Last week, Dhanush took to Twitter to congratulate Aishwarya for releasing the title of her new song. ‘Payani’.

In a tweet, he addressed his ex-wife as his ‘friend’. “Congratulations to my friend ash_r_dhanush on your music video #payani. God bless,” Dhanush tweeted.

Aishwarya reacted to her tweet by writing, “Thank you Dhanush …. Godspeed.”

Incredibly, in January this year, Dhanush and Aishwarya Rajinikanth announced their separation in a joint statement. Dhanush married actor Rajinikanth’s eldest daughter Aishwarya in 2004. They have two sons, Yatra Raja and Gender King.


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