Deepak Hooda shines as Jaipur Pink Panthers Gujarat Giants

PKL: Gujarat Jaipur Pink Panthers and Giants (IANS)

In Pro Kabaddi Season 8, Jaipur Pink Panthers defeated Gujarat Giants 36-31.

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Hooda scored a super 10 (11 points) in the win which will help Jaipur in the race for a place in the playoffs and a place in the top-6. He was well supported by the Panthers’ defense. Sandeep Dhule scored four points while Deepak Singh and Vishal scored three points each.

The Gujarat Giants leveled the score at the death stage of the second half, but Jaipur’s experience helped them navigate the tense situation carefully. For Gujarat, Raider Rakesh Narwal scored eight points while cover defender Parvesh Bhainswal scored four.

Jaipur started the match on the front foot with Arjun Deshwal and Deepak Hooda. But Gujarat slowly got back into the match as their rider duo Ajay Kumar and Pardeep Kumar came into the game. The very famous Gujarat Defense struggled to stop the raiders of Jaipur while at the other end Jaipur started looking for form.

Rakesh Narwal confirmed that Gujarat escaped with a few points and the all-out was delayed. Parvesh Bhainswal and Girish Ernak then teamed up to do a super tackle for the Giants. But Jaipur finally got all out at half time from one minute. They opened the six-point lead with a score of 20-14 at half time. The Giants had just three tackle points against Jaipur’s eight.

Jaipur started the second half with the intention of making Gujarat all out. But the Giants cleared two super tackles to temporarily change the balance of the match. Parvesh Bhainswal ran for four tackle points while Iranian Hadi Oshtorak – Ajay Kumar’s substitute in the 25th minute – was also impressed. The Giants reduced Jaipur’s lead to just 3 points with 10 minutes left.

Gujarat were all out in seven minutes on the clock to equalize the score. But Jaipur showed their champion DNA as Deepak Hooda and Arjun Deshwal added a gear. They helped the Panthers open a five-point lead with two minutes left.

Sandeep Dhul’s powerful tackle on Pardeep Kumar confirmed the victory, but Gujarat left him without a star raider to bail him out. Deepak Hooda then scored two points in the final raid of the match to win the Super 10 and win the match.

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