Columbia completes second-tier match-fixing probe, promotes Union Magdalena

The Colombian Football League has completed the first part of its investigation into a possible match-fixing case and has ratified top-level promotions for one of the clubs involved. Second tier club Laneros played Union Magdalena at home on 4 December and were 1-0 up in the 95th minute, when the visitors scored twice in a row.

The video of the winning goal is seen showing Lleneros’ players chasing their opponents and allowing them to score.

The result meant that Union Magdalena was promoted to the top tier, the Dimiore League, although the promotion was postponed despite a league investigation pending.

“The Magdalen players … showed loyalty, mutual respect and pride towards their rivals on the field of play,” the league resolution said, which was released late on New Year’s Eve.

Evidence examined showed that players or staff “did not engage in any reprehensible behavior,” he added.

“As a result, the actions taken during the game under investigation do not violate” and the union deserves his place in the top division of Magdalen.

The investigation into Laneros will continue, a Dimaor source told Reuters. The outcome of a separate inquiry by the judicial authorities is yet to be announced.

Colombian President Evan Duke was one of several leading figures who commented on a questionable winning goal that went viral.

Duke called it a “national embarrassment” and the national team players came to the same conclusion, with both Juan Cuadrado, the captain of the Italian team Juventus, and his Colombian teammate Matthews Uribe expressing their dislike of the events.

Both clubs denied any wrongdoing.

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