Bring a cafe to your home this winter; Try the ideas of this aesthetic coffee station

With temperatures dropping and days getting shorter, coffee always seems like a great idea. In many situations, people turn their huge coffee makers and Keurig machines into any empty countertop space in their kitchen, such as a corner next to a wall. But if you use it regularly and regularly bring visitors for coffee, you may want to consider setting up your own small dedicated coffee station if you have space for it. Here are some wonderful ideas to get you started!

But first, here are some important things to keep in mind when designing your own coffee station.

Area: It is important to understand how much space you have for your coffee station. Likewise, if you can take advantage of corners, kitchen nooks or less used vertical space, do so. This will make it easier for you to personalize your coffee station to your liking.

Availability: Provide a distance of at least one foot from the countertop between the coffeemaker and the edge of the station. You’ll need space to make your morning coffee, and you probably don’t want to play balanced games with hot cups.

Accessories: Of course, a coffeemaker is needed, but you also need a microwave. You’ll also need a place to keep your mugs, spoons, saucers, sugar packets and extra coffee filters.

Aesthetic: This is your chance to let your imagination run wild and let your thoughts flow. The best part is that there are many coffee station design ideas to choose from before you break the ground!

Once you’ve locked down the four “gems” you can start designing and decorating your own coffee retreat.

Ideal fit

You have to do some detective work in the kitchen that doesn’t have a visible space for a coffee station – but if you’re creative enough, you’ll find the right place for you. You can, for example, use a small portion of the wall near the kitchen cabinet or hide your station inside the cabinet. For narrow, awkward spaces between appliances and countertops, bar carts or small tables work well.

Colorful and vibrant

Dark, dramatic colors create a wonderful coffee shop atmosphere, but you are not restricted if you have a space that is bright or painted in many white or perhaps more neutral colors. Using a desk or dresser painted in bright or vivid colors can really make a statement in a neutral-colored space. Alternatively, you can use colorful and whimsical accessories such as cups and spoons.

What is boiling?

You can easily transform your coffee station into a real cafe by adding a chalkboard menu and other optional wall art. You can place plain framed chalkboard or large blackboards on the wall that have more area of ​​the wall. You can also add a little rustic look to achieve the aesthetics of the coffee house.

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