Bollywood Buzz: Kangana Ranaut imitates Ananya Pandey; Suhana Khan’s ‘The Archives’ teaser has become a troll Hindi Movie News

To Kangna Ranaut B-Town Stars and KRK The type to defend ‘poor’ Ananya Pandey, Virat Kohli Giving cricket tips to wife Anushka Sharma And more, here are the biggest headlines of the day.

Ananya Pandey received improbable support in KRK, but the director did not laugh heartily at the expense of the actress. Director Kangana Ranaut came to her rescue, who took a shot at her on national television. Anyone who keeps in touch with the actress and her controversial comments will be aware of the whole ‘Boli-Bimbo’ incident. Kapil SharmaNo show. Reacting to Kangana’s remarks, KRK said, “It is inappropriate. #KanganaRanaut should not make fun of @ananyapandayy in this way.

In a recent chat, Kangana was asked to reveal the names of three people she would like to invite to her home. She said, “There is no one in Bollywood who deserves this service. Don’t call me home at all.

Anushka Sharma is busy working on her cricket skill. In an interview, the actress revealed that her beloved husband, Virat Kohli is giving her batting tips for her upcoming film ‘Chakda’ Express’. Because the cricket star can’t always stay behind the wicket that guides her in every move, Anushka said she sends him videos of her training to get her feedback.

One team that can’t wrap its head around the Internet is the castArchies‘After the teaser dropped over the weekend, everyone seemed to have something to say about the upcoming musical. Whether it was reviving the talk of nepotism or just separating the costume department or just thinking aloud about how the show is a ‘desi’ adaptation, everyone seemed to have something to say. To read all about it, go to ETimes.


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