Boeing: Air India’s Boeing 777 aircraft approved to operate in US, airline begins flying stranded passengers

Mumbai: More than a thousand big relief Air India The US-bound passengers, who have been stranded for the past two days, told the airline on Thursday that it has been able to move on from there. Boing Its Boeing 777 aircraft has been flown to the U.S. Three Air India flights are scheduled to take the stranded passengers to places like New York, Chicago and San Francisco on Thursday, with more than 700 being accommodated in hotels as Air India canceled its US flights scheduled for early Wednesday morning. . The airline also had to cancel three scheduled departures early Thursday morning.
In the last 48 hours, Air India and airlines around the world canceled their US operations on January 19 (US time) due to safety concerns regarding the 5G rollout in the US.
The first of Air India’s Delhi-New York flights, which departed at 7.45 am on Thursday, was launched after Boeing gave the green light to Air India to operate its Boeing 777 aircraft in the US, an Air India official said. The airline also arranged other departures for Chicago and San Francisco. While the flight to Chicago, AI-127 will now take off at 1.20 pm, while the flight to San Francisco AI-173 will take off at 3 pm, an Air India official said. “The flight would have departed in the morning, but the passengers had to pass Covid Tests because their previous tests had expired, “the airline official said.
An Air India official said the “Boeing 777 flying in the US has been settled.” The problem relates to 5G services using frequencies in the radio spectrum called C-band as these frequencies are close to the frequencies used by the radio altimeter installed onboard aircraft. The radio altimeter in the aircraft is the only sensor that gives accurate information about the height of the aircraft on the ground, any interference in its readings can be dangerous. When the US regulator, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)FAA) Allowed a number of aircraft to operate at the airport with nearby 5G C-band transmission stations, Boeing wide-bodies such as the Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 were not approved until recently.
U.S. The aviation regulator, FAA, recently released a list of radio altimeter models (installed on Boeing aircraft) that were found to be “strong” against 5G C-band interference. These include Boeing 777 and 787 aircraft, all of which are operated by Air India in the US. In a letter sent to Boeing on January 18, the FAA stated that Boeing aircraft equipped with this permitted altimeter could continue low-visibility landing in 5G C-band deployment areas until January 31. Altimeter manufacturers have evaluated data from wireless companies to determine how robust each (radio altimeter) model is, he said. “This work demonstrates that some altimeters are reliable and accurate in 5G areas, others must be retrofitted or replaced,” he said.
FAA banking on test data provided by Boeing that showed that certain radio altimeters installed on Boeing aircraft were strong enough to withstand 5G C-band waves and allowed Boeing aircraft to operate at certain US airports. In a letter to Boeing on January 18, the Federal Aviation Administration stated that Boeing aircraft fitted with the above radio altimeter could make low visibility landings at the airport.
The FAA has also released a long list of airports where aircraft equipped with this particular radio altimeter can operate even in low visibility conditions. The list covers all US airports operated by Air India except New York-JFK. “But if Air India’s Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 aircraft are not equipped with a specific model of radio altimeter, the airlines’ US flights will continue to be affected until the altimeter is retrofitted or replaced or some other solution is found,” he said. A source.
Another relief for airlines with US President, If Biden, Announcing that telecommunications service providers have agreed to delay 5G deployments around major US airports. Meanwhile, the US government will work to find a solution that allows 5G signals and aviation to coexist safely. White House Said in a statement on January 18.


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