Beware of Xia Li – ‘The Protector’ debuting this Saturday on SmackDown

WWE is set to release Xia Li – “The Protector” during this week’s episode of SmackDown, its first on-screen debut since being drafted in October 2021. As one of the most eagerly awaited WWE superstars, she also stands to be the first. Chinese female star joins WWE’s SmackDown brand. Her journey with the WWE began in January 2017 when she was admitted to the WWE Performance Center. She then competed in the May Young Classic Tournament. Since then, Lee has crossed one milestone after another, from participating in the second women’s Royal Rumble match to becoming a superstar to watch in the NXT women’s section.

Given her extensive martial arts background, her rapid ascent could not be surprising. Lee has been a top-flight fighter in Wushu’s Chinese martial arts. Calling herself her father’s daughter, the story of how she came to SmackDown dates back to her childhood. She always believed that her father was her superhero and the one who always protected her.

However, due to her untimely death, her family had to face the cruelty of life from which she no longer had any protection. Pledging to be a protector, Lee took off his father’s protective shield and wrapped it around his family ‘to fight the vultures who came out to get them’.

Catch Xia Li – “The Protector” on Sony Ten 1, Sony Ten 3 channels and SonyLive app exclusively on IST this Saturday 11th December at 5:30 am.

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