Bengaluru Bulls I Revenge Against U Mumbai

Fight against Pawan Sehrawat, the best raider of the league.

‘Sultan’ Fazal Atrachali got his first high 5 of the season and Raider Abhishek Singh won the Super 10 in Mumbai’s last match. But in the Bengaluru Bulls, they face a completely different unit run by their captain ‘high-flyer’ Pawan Sehrawat, who already has 186 raid points in season 8. The green sleeve holder (awarded to the raider with the most points) was the head and is above his competition and will be keen to challenge Mumbai’s defense. He is primarily a Left Raider which means that the game will see the wind and Fazal frequently face each other. Fazal knows that a corner job is only effective if support comes on time and tells Rahul Sethpal and Rinku to stay on their toes.

Mumbai were the winners when the teams met in the first match of season 8, but the Bulls’ confidence has increased since then. The emergence of Bharat and Deepak Narwal as good backup riders ensures that they spend less time in wind dugouts. That said, the Bulls still rely on their captain for the most points. So Mumbai coach Rajguru Subramaniam wants his defense to be aggressive, even if it means occasional point leaks.

At the other end, Abhishek Singh will be hoping to target the Bulls defense. Season 8 has been a treat to see his running hand touch, but he will run towards Saurabh Nandal in the right corner which is probably the best in the league to stop the Raiders on the move. Bengaluru could also add a versatile defender like GB Mor in the opening 7 to add steel to their cover and surprise Abhishek Singh moving to the right corner. V Ajith Kumar’s form will be important for U Mumbai to match the Bulls for the reading point. He has not yet shown his full potential after recovering from a back injury.

A win for Bengaluru would strengthen their position at the top of the points table. U Mumba, meanwhile, will keep an eye on all 5 points to ensure they stay in search of a playoff spot.

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