Bengal Warriors I Comeback, Puneri Paltan Youngsters Face Dabangg Delhi Seniors

Patna Pirates and Puneri Platoon (PKL)

The Warriors had a mixed start to the season and for coach BC Ramesh’s men only Maninder Singh was consistent with his form.

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Defending champions Bengal Warriors will take on Jaipur Pink Panthers while in-form Puneri Paltan will take on Dabangg Delhi Casey in the Pro Kabaddi League on Monday.

The Bengal Warriors urgently need a Plan B in which no one supports the incredible performance of their Captain Maninder Singh.

The raiding division is looking particularly weak as all-rounder Mohammad Nabibakhsh struggles to copy his Season 7 form. Fellow Iranian abuser Mighani is also likely to make a mistake in the right corner position which could signal some changes in the line-up.

The defense will need to water tight against Arjun Deshwal and Deepak Hooda’s riding pair of Jaipur. The former Tamil was impressive in his outing against Thalaivas and he would like to do the same against Bengal.

But in Ran Singh, he faces an aggressive corner defender who will be eager to win an individual battle. Despite the occasional big performances by Sahul Kumar and Sandeep Dhul, the Panthers’ defense was leaked throughout the tournament.

With Naveen Kumar still injured, Delhi will once again rely on their senior players to earn points.

Sandeep Narwal has risen to the occasion by finding points as a raider with his quick movement and strength. All-rounder Vijay has also scored crucial points. But it is the defense that is a concern as Manjit Chhillar and Jiva Kumar fail to avoid fast attackers.

Mohit Goyat and Aslam Inamdar will face the pace and dynamism of the youth in Delhi. The raiding duo can cause a lot of confusion on the mat.

Nitin Tomar’s presence on the mat will also be crucial. His guidance has made a difference in most of Pune’s good performances.

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