Bengal Warriors beat Bengaluru Bulls despite Pawan Sehrawat’s heroism

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Skipper Pawan Sehrawat scored a Super 10 and the Bulls dominated most of the match.

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Defending champions Bengal Warriors beat the Bengaluru Bulls 40-39 in the 67th match of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 8 at The Sheraton Grand here on Thursday.

Skipper Pawan Sehrawat dominated the Bulls for most of the match by scoring a Super 10 but thanks to an 8-point raid by Bengal, thanks to the defenders, following the Raider into the lobby without a touch, helped the Warriors balance the game and eventually won. Match Bengal’s Maninder Singh scored 9 points, but he has to thank his lucky stars for being able to win a fantastic yet exciting comeback.

The teams hit each other in a sharp first half in which star riders Maninder Singh and Pawan Sehrawat were seen spending a lot of time in the dugout. The Bengal team were both in the defense groove with all 4 scoring points in the half. At the other end, the Bulls’ Saurabh Nandal and Mahendra Singh made sure there were no easy points in the offer for the Warriors. The teams failed to get all out in the first half which was 14-13 ahead with Bengal.

Bengal ‘high flyer’ Pawan Sehrawat could not be accommodated as he went berserk in the opening minutes of the first half. He helped the Bulls all out in the 4th minute to open a 3-point lead. The raider continued his good work as he got his Super 10 and reduced the Bengals to just 1 man on the mat.

The Bulls thought they got their second all-out when Mohammad Nabibakhsh was faced by the entire team. Unfortunately for them, the Iranian entered the lobby without any touch, pushing everyone who followed him out of bounds. The move resulted in a massive change in pace as Bengal got 7 points plus 1 for the bonus. Chandran Ranjit was the only raider left and Abozar Mighani tackled him in the 10th minute to put Bengal all out and open a 3-point lead.

Maninder Singh scored crucial bonus points to help Bengal maintain a significant lead as the game entered the final minutes. The Bengal defenders managed to stay calm and manage the time so that they could win the match by a lone point. As a result, Bengal reached the fourth position in the points table.

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