Battlegrounds Mobile India: Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.8 Update: New Livic Map Theme, Matchmaking Process and more

Crafton Has started to roll out the updated version 1.8 Battlegrounds Mobile India. The update is now live for all BGMI players on Android and iOS devices. Kraft noted that the update will be rolled out gradually through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and may take some time to reach players across the country.
Battlegrounds Mobile India Update 1.8: Features
This update introduces many new features, a new classic game mode and a brand new user interface for the game.
With the update, the new Livik: Aftermath theme will be available to players until February 14th. As part of a new theme Livik, The map has changed since the volcano erupted and the ice melted.
The map now gets a new zip line that allows players to quickly jump between two locations.
In addition to the new changes to the Livic map, the update also includes a variety of new events celebrating the collaboration.
The version 1.8 update also brings major changes to the game’s matchmaking process. For the first time the craft has separated the numbered and normal matches. This means that ranked match players cannot be paired with normal match players.
The updated UI is also a part of version 1.8 which brings a cleaner and minimal look and feel to the game.
In addition, players will be able to enjoy the new game mechanic of supply stores in classic mode, which will be available throughout the map. Players can exchange T coins from the loot for the supply item from the store.
Finally, there will be significant improvements to the parachute mechanisms during landing, with all the new tools for marking when you want to drop on the map.


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