Avinash Sable deserves all the support, says Distance S Bahadur Prasad

Avinash Sable likes to talk about the speed of his legs and the power of his lungs. Steeplechaser, a Silent Achiever, seeks out opportunities to reduce more than 3000 meters forever, with the first hurdle on the water jump in each lap, with the second hurdle before each lap is completed.

The Diamond League Series in 2022 is the latest opportunity to advance against the fast runners. In the recent Rabat leg in Morocco, Fauji found himself pushing for the national best (eight minutes, 12.48 seconds). After joining the army he took up athletics and proceeded on the track like a natural, rugged and exciting.

Due to time it finished only fifth among the finishers in the Diamond Series, the race for Sable was counter-clockwise. The Rabat run is the second individual best (better than 8: 16.21 at the Indian Grand Prix in March 2022). While jumping over obstacles in life, personal improvement over 3000m and 5000m is a sign of its progress during the crucial years while The world Athletics and Olympic Games are held. Oregon (USA) will host World Athletics 2022 next month. Steeplechaser will aim for the individual high, regardless of competitors’ reputation or race conditions.

Four years ago at Doha World Athletics 2019, the Indian Army sprinter achieved a time of 8: 25.23 in the Heats at the time of his debut, improved his time to 8: 21.37 in the final, and jostled for positions in a select company. At the Tokyo Olympic Games 2021 last year, he ran 8: 18.12 in the heat, focusing on fast competition. Running against the clock is a mission for a self-motivated athlete, he will never lose sight of the reality that he will always try to catch distance runners from Kenya, Morocco, Gulf nations. This is dominated by long-legged wonders, water jumping Indian, moving straight is no longer a novelty.

Medium and long distance two-time Olympian, Asian Championship medalist Bahadur Prasad praised the individual effort. Prasad, whose longtime national 5000 mark was recently improved by Mark Sable, said: “His personal best performance from 8:25 to 8:12 (3000 m steeplechase) on his own proves that he deserves support. For any Indian who has reached a certain level, competition back home does not exist. Like many of us who have had our personal best outside of India, it is a good idea to train and participate in the meet there. ”

Steeplechaser, located in the Beed district of Maharashtra and with the Mahar Regiment, is located at Colorado Springs (USA) under Scott Simmons, contracted by a foreign coach. India For distance runners. Sabal is receiving financial and related support from the beneficiaries of the Target Olympics Podium Scheme (TOPS), under which Sports Ministry initiative for potential Olympic medal winners. JSW is also involved in the support group. His longtime Army coach Amrish Kumar backed the move to extend his trainees’ stay in the US until the World Championships in July.

The coach said: “He should run with the athletes he will be competing against, he will be a confidence booster.” Prasad added: “If there are at least four runners to push him, it is better to stay in India. Outside training is expensive, supported by the government and the Federation (Athletics Federation of India) is doing its best. My personal best 5000 timing abroad (Birmingham). It was difficult to maintain that level of return without expert guidance. Sable has done the right thing by going abroad, I hope he will be free from injury till the worlds.

The previous 1500m and 5000m aces, now with Benaras Locomotive Works, Varanasi, observed that Indians in the distance race face more difficult times to improve than Kenya due to weak competition. “There was such a fierce competition at home among the Kenyans running during my time, at least 10 Kenyans, including some lesser known names, were the time clocks I managed.” Sable has never been a medalist in the world or in the Olympics, but he performs as an individual whenever he competes in a select field.

As long as he gains experience through constant exposure to match the best in the world, we can expect the best from any athlete, as Steeplechaser Oregon will do in 2022. He challenged Rio 2016 Olympic champion, Consul Kipruto for fourth place at Rabat. Burst to the Tape (8: 12.48 vs. 8: 12.47 by Kenya). In the seven-lap, the champions manage time in the eight-minute range. Kipruto’s time to win the World Athletics 2019 was 8: 01.35 in Doha, Sophian Al Bakkali of Morocco won the Tokyo Olympic title at 8: 08.90. The Indian refuses to stay behind.

As the 27-year-old Hardy approaches the lead pack, the Indian athletics community is excited about his progress. “They could have given India an Olympic medal in Tokyo,” points Amrish, founder of the Captain Amrish and Sports Academy in UP, after his Army career. “Six months ago in Tokyo, he ran between 2:08 and 2:12 in training. After that he got covid twice. We lost a lot of training days. Eight minutes, 18 seconds in the heat is reliable. The bronze medal reference was to Kenya’s third-ranked Benjamin Kijen, time 8: 11.50 and he took to the podium in Tokyo.

Coincidentally, Sable’s fifth place in the Rabat Diamond League 2022 was three places ahead of Kijen (eighth in Morocco). Talking about the nature of Indians in big competitions against quality competitors, the coach explains: “We tried to convince Avinash Sable that he is no different from other world-class runners. It was pointed out that Kenyan runners grew up in places with water scarcity and very hot climates. Beed district in Maharashtra is similar, it faced tough situations like any growing Kenya. The aim was to dispel the fear of foreign runners. It’s working. “

Explaining military recruitment to try steeplechase was a big step, with the motivation to get the best rating in Asia. “Athletes try to run different distances. He explained how from Pan Singh Tomar (Tokyo Asian Games 1958 and national record holder) to Dina Ram (Beijing Asian Games 1990 second and Tokyo World Athletics 1991), Indian steeplechasers won medals at the Asian level. We assure him that the medal is within reach at the Asian level with focused effort and systematic preparation.

Athletic excellence can be a ticket to a decent lifestyle, outside of the military. Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra is also from the Army, moving forward in life after Tokyo Gold. Sable’s personal best series, a national record in every single male steeplechase, shows the hunger inside. Admission to participate in the Diamond League, by invitation only, is valid. It’s just a matter of time before the chaser catches up with the pack.

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