At age 48, Malaika Arora continues to deliver major fitness goals

Malaika Arora is known for turning her head in B-Town for her stunning looks. The actor also makes a style statement when she goes out for a walk or work. Even at the age of 48, Diva has never failed to impress her fans with her Jim Look or her party avatar.

He is a fitness freak and works hard to stay that way. Diva is also very active on social media where she posts videos of her yoga and asanas.

In addition to various exercises, her fitness activities include walking, yoga, running, swimming etc. to keep her body in tone. He strictly follows his diet plan. Although she says she eats everything but in limited quantities. He starts his day with yoga and then likes to do some outdoor exercises for an hour or so.

The actor also runs a series on his Instagram called ‘Malaika Move of the Week’ in which he describes different asanas for different purposes.

He recently posted a video of himself in collaboration with Sarvayog Studio. In the video, she teaches 3 asanas to awaken the warrior inside you. The caption of the video says, “You are a warrior if you keep fighting when you feel like giving up everything. “Be a warrior, don’t worry.”

Further, the caption said, “In this week’s #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek, Malaika describes three asanas to awaken the warrior inside you.” And these asanas were Adho Mukha Swanasana (dog pose towards the bottom), Virbhadrasana II and Balasana (child pose).

Earlier, another video was posted by him in the same series. In it, she taught 3 asanas that will help you reduce belly fat. These were Aas Naukasan (Boat Pose), Kumbhakasan (Plunk Pose) and Bhujangasan (Cobra Pose).

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