Apple: How the app developers traveled less with Apple’s support

A 20-minute quick chat with the Vastal signal and a good chance you’ll feel like you’re eating ridiculously unhealthy foods and not really in the best shape. Because Signal – and his partner Mohit Kumar – are behind Ultrahuman. Ultrahuman Wearable – with application support – that constantly manages your glucose. The wearable sticks to your body like a patch and contains microfilaments that can read through interstitial tissues and not through the blood. What it does, Singhal explains is that it gives you “real-time data and a true understanding of your body”. A bad meal and glucose levels can rise to tell you how to ‘improve’ it.
Singhal and Kumar run Runnr, a logistics services startup acquired by Zomato in 2017. Ultrahuman got a lot of support. AppleOf Application acceleration Get proper feedback in terms of design, and among other things. Good health, as they say, has no value, but ultrahuman comes at a significant price. For a one-year subscription, you need to pay Rs. 1.1 lakh will have to be paid. You get ‘cheaper’ plans but that period is bound. Singhal knows that it is a special product with a special audience but the ultrahuman reaches the right people. These include select athletes, Bollywood celebs – who value fitness. “We know it’s a premium product but we’re confident its value will be appreciated by hardcore fitness enthusiasts.”

If the ultrahuman was intended to target a specific audience, then the onset of stemurai was filled with personal conflicts and a void that needed to be taken seriously. You may know that stuttering is a real problem that many people face. Anshul Agarwal was one of them. Together with two other friends, he started an app called Stamurai to help people suffering from strikes and other speech problems. Agarwal says, “I have been obsessed with it since I was a child and it affected everything I did. Agarwal and his partner Meet Singh, a graduate of IIT-Delhi, found that there are about 4,000 accredited speech therapists in the country. An estimated 60 million people suffer from speech disorders. Stemurai He wants to fill the gap. In the last few years, the app has seen over 200,000 downloads, a third of which are from India. Since its inception, the app has come a long way. There are therapists who are part of the team and there is support from Apple’s App Accelerator. “In terms of UI and design, Apple has helped us improve the app in many ways,” says Agarwal.
In My Shadow is one of those indie games that really lets you think. Nakul Verma runs a Gurgaon-based indie studio and gaming has been her “thing” for some time. He worked as a data analyst but knew deeply that gaming was his true calling. He continued to create In My Shadow. Back in 2018, he applied for the India Game Developer Conference and ended up moving to San Francisco. “Things really changed when I met the developers who were doing some crazy things.” He came back, quit his job and worked on the game.

In My Shadow is available on Steam, App Store, PlayStation as well as Xbox. “My dream was to show my game on the App Store as Game of the Day,” he says. He got in touch with Apple and they liked the game. “I was offered support, suggestions and feedback to make it better.” And soon the game ended as Game of the Day on the App Store.


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