Apple headset: Apple’s AR / VR headset could come with 14 cameras, report claims

Apple’s next AR / VR Headset According to a report by The Information, a total of 14 cameras may come along which will enable the user’s live avatar. Each of these cameras will track the user’s face to project the correct facial expressions and gestures in the AI ‚Äč‚Äčincarnation.
The report also states that the former Apple Design Main Johnny Ive The headset has been involved in the project in the role of external consultant and is more inclined towards headset design in which the user has to wear a battery attached to the headset like the Magic Leap headset design. However, the report also adds that “it was not learned whether this approach would make it into the final design.”
“Consulting works for Ive,” said one person familiar with the matter Apple Heads have been included since he left, he added, adding that his former team is frequently brought in to help him advance his choices compared to engineers in areas such as batteries, camera placement and ergonomics. Two people said that even after Ive left Apple, some employees on the headset project still needed their approval for changes from Cupertino to San Francisco, where Ive is home, “the report adds.
The report further states that Apple is not focusing the headset on gaming and may use “hand tracking or in combination with a finger clip like a clothing pin as input for the device”.
Apple’s AR / VR The headset is expected to come out in 2023.


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