Apple brings a change to the much-wanted battery indicator with the iOS 16.1 beta update

With the roll out of iOS 16, Apple Reintroduced its five-year-old battery indicator feature. For those who were unaware, the battery percentage was previously shown next to the battery icon. But it had to be done away with the introduction of the notch in iPhones in 2017 because there was not much space for percentages in addition to other information. Starting with iPhone X or iOS 12, users need to pull down the Control Center to check the battery percentage. However, since the roll out of iOS 16, many users were not happy with the battery indicator design. Now, it looks like Apple has addressed this issue with another beta iOS 16.1.
Apple has released the second beta of iOS 16.1 today. With the new beta update, the company has changed the design of the battery indicator. Starting today, beta users will now see the battery level icon disappear and offer a better visual experience to the user. Also, if the percentage feature is enabled users will see the charge number as the battery charges and drains.

“Battery percentage was not present on iPhones with ‘Face ID’ in iOS 15 due to lack of space on either side of the notch True depth camera hardware, but Apple’s updated β€ŒiOS 16′ design added a specific battery level to the battery icon,” a report by MacRumors mentioned.
The report also reveals that with the second beta, Apple has also made some changes to the design of the charging indicator on the lock screen. Users will now see the battery percentage sooner than when they plug their iPhone into the charger.


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