Amisha Patel reveals about the shooting of Gadar 2 Hindi Movie News

Last year Amisha Patel Was shooting in Himachal Pradesh Rebellion 2. The film brings her back as Sakina, Ghadar: Her Famous Character from a love story released in 2001. Working with the same unit and connecting with the director. Anil Sharma And co-star Sunny Deol Amisha says that once again it makes her feel at home.

Sharing her experience working on the project, she adds, “It’s a very homely atmosphere. I enjoy sitting on the set (laughs). I can throw any rage I want. Even in harsh situations at work I just laugh and joke. That’s the magic when you team up with people you get along very well with. ”

Talking about the director, Amisha says, “Anil ji is wonderful. He is so open-minded that if I have any questions, doubts or opinions about any scene he will consider it. He has no ego over his creativity, will not react saying it is my film and I know him well. The set looks so good everyone seems to have a common goal, which is to make a good film. ”

Say no … Pyaar Hai actress also takes tips from Sunny. “If I have to change some of the dialogues or have any creative doubts, I sit down with my writer and director. I also discuss it with Sunny. As my co-star I would ask Sunny how I should do the scene. We all have a lot of respect for each other. The shooting conditions were harsh, we were working 16-18 hours continuously, everyone was sleep deprived but we were all working in good spirits, “she hinted.


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