amazon: Amazon ends Covid paid holiday for US workers

Giant online retailer Inc The Covid-19 will end its paid time-off policy for employees starting May 2, the company told U.S.-based staff on Saturday.
This change follows the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine and follows improved guidance from US Centers for Disease Control and PreventionHe said.
In a message to Reuters, Amazon told workers that US-based staff would now receive a five-day unpaid leave after the Covid-19 diagnosis was confirmed.
“We can safely continue to adjust our pre-covid policies,” the company said, citing continued ease in epidemics, availability of vaccines and treatments, and updated public health guidelines.
Recent efforts to integrate some warehouses have led to changes in the flow of challenges for Amazon. In April, workers at his warehouse New York City Voted to form the first union.
On Saturday, Amazon said it was blocking site-wide notifications of positive cases in facilities, unless required by law, as well as efforts to encourage vaccinations.
In January, Amazon trimmed paid leave of up to a week or 40 hours for workers with the virus. Prior to that, they had two weeks’ paid time for Covid-19.


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