AJ Style Silence Grayson Waller; Pete Dunn, Tony D’Angelo fights in Krobar on a pole match

Tuesday night’s World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) NXT 2.0 episode was a stacked show, attended by new NXT champion, Bron Brecker, but the AJ Style vs. Grayson Waller feud made headlines. Pete Dunn faced Tony D’Angelo for the first time in a crossbar-on-a-pole match, while Zion Quinn faced Santos Escobar for the custody of Electra Lopez. Also on the show, the right tag team ahead of the Dusty Cup, with Wendy Chue battling Indy Hartwell and Persia Pirota alongside Caden Carter, Casey Catanzaro and Amri Miller. Solo Sequoia’s out-of-ring feud with the volatile Boa eventually settled in the ring and much happened at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Here are the highlights, recaps, and results of the January 11 episode of WWE NXT 2.0:

Tuesday night’s NXT 2.0 opened with another look at the breaker, winning the NXT Championship from Tommaso Siampa at last week’s New Year’s Eve. The new champion thanked his opponent and called him a hell of an athlete and a great person. He later said that if anyone wants to challenge him, he will always be one step ahead because he is the NXT champion.

Zion Quinn vs Santos Escobar (with Legado del Phantomus): Quinn took control early, but Electra Lopez came and kicked him between the legs, Escobar took advantage of it and hit the phantom driver for the win. Victory has confirmed that Lopez will be staying at Legado del Fantasma.

Cameron Grimes vs. Demon Camp: In the second match of the show, Camp had no match for Grimes’ speed and offense, resulting in a quick cave-in victory.

Dusty Classic Qualifiers – Idris Anofe and Malik Blade vs. Joe Gassi and Harland: The pair of Enfo and Blade made it to the Dusty Tag Team Classic because they were disqualified by Harland’s anger against them.

Krobar on a Paul – Tony D’Angelo vs. Pete Dunn: The first match of Krobar-on-a-Pol was a fun but chaotic battle, however, it ended when D’Angelo beat the Browserweight champion to equalize with a Krobar shot.

Hartwell, Pirota and Wendy Chu vs. Casey Catanzaro, Caden Carter and Amri Miller: On the women’s side, the trio of Hartwell, Pirota and Chuni defeated their opponents by a pinfall.

Solo Sequoia vs Boa: The two men first fought outside the ring until both were counted. Back in the ring where Sequoia threw Boa into the steel steps before pressing him to her chest. Samoan and the Chinese superstars continued to beat each other as the referee counted but both men ignored it and were counted out.

Solo Sequoia has been battling a volatile boa outside the ring for weeks. Finally, the battle will be fierce in the ring as the undefeated Samoan will fight the dangerous Chinese superstar.

AJ Style vs. Grayson Waller: After much discussion backstage, the main event began and Stiles used part of his energy and excitement to avoid Waller’s mind games. The fight between the two wrestlers ended when Phenomenal One set an extraordinary forearm for victory. After the match LA Knight once again arrived to avenge Waller’s dismissal and a few weeks ago for seriously injuring him. After saying goodbye to Waller, Style and Night pose together to end the show.

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