After Dhanush-Aishwarya’s breakup, Tollywood actress urges celeb couples not to make their personal lives public | Bengali Movie News

We admire many celebs and assume that their lives are perfect for providing relationship goals. However, in reality, things are not what we want them to be. Many celebrity breakups last year shocked fans. Be it Aamir Khan And Kiran Rao, Samantha Ruth Lord And Naga Chaitanya Or else Nusrat Jahan And Nikhil Jain, 2021 became the year of breakup. And it looks like this trend will continue into 2022. It is the first month of the new year and we have the shocking news of the breakup Bow And Aishwarya.

While many fans of these celebs are shocked near home, the Tollywood actress Srilekha Mitra Important advice for celebrity couples. Experienced Bengali actress urges celebs not to make their personal lives public and stay away from all blame and mud.

“I have a question for those who like to gossip about celebrities. Do we celebrities really have as colorful a life as you think or talk? When there is a celebrity breakup, people criticize or talk about the celebrity the most. Also, those who break are also involved in mudslinging and these things motivate people to spread rumors and carry out personal attacks. People start saying anything about anyone and all this is done to get attention and cheap publicity. I believe only we celebrities can stop this. I would urge my celeb colleagues and friends not to advertise your separation on social media. Don’t make the news public property. Times have changed and we now live in a progressive society. There may be misunderstandings between the couple and there will be problems in your personal life but why make it public? Do not disclose the news of your separation. Why do we all need to be informed about it? What do you want to prove? Why do you have to talk in public about the reason behind your separation from your spouse? Let’s be practical. Don’t make your personal life public, “shared the ‘Once Upon a Time in Calcutta’ actress.

She also wants to mention other important issues. “Why do you have to start a game of guilt? Why such mud? Even if you both have had a good time in the past, divorce is possible for a number of reasons. So save those memories and respect each other. Be positive and inspire others. That’s what my ex-husband and I are doing. We have separated but we have never publicly accused each other. This is how our daughter is growing up in a healthy environment, ”pleads Srilekha.


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