AFC Women’s Asian Cup | ‘Very disappointed for you’: Australian superstar Sam Carey sent a message to India

The Australian superstar and top scorer in the ongoing AFC Women’s Asian Cup 2022 sent a heartfelt message to the Indian women’s football team after their unfortunate exit from the tournament due to the fury of Kovid-19. Head coach Thomas Danerby said 19 players and six staff members are currently infected with Covid-19 and are in quarantine.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, India did not have a minimum requirement of 13 players and therefore, the Chinese were responsible for not having a match against Taipei. They were withdrawn from the tournament in accordance with AFC’s Special Competition Rules.

Now, Australian Sam Carey has sent a message to the Indian team saying he is “disappointed” at how things turned out for him. She said she hopes to play against India in the future.

“Hi girls, this is Sam Care of the Australian national team. I want to send you a message to people and say how sorry I am for the situation you people are in right now. I am very disappointed for you, I know that you are working hard for this tournament. Use this as fuel, come back strong.

“I was expecting you guys to play but it wasn’t, hopefully we’ll meet in the future. Good luck in your future endeavors and hope that one day we will see you back in this tournament, “she said in a video posted by the All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) social media handle.

On Wednesday, India’s head coach Thomas Danerby blamed the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) for the defeat and said they were not managing the bio-bubble well.

Danerby revealed that the hotel staff was tested on January 17 and in their results, which came back on January 18, seven staff members tested positive. However, he said the AFC did not share the report until January 19, which could have infected the team.

“Did they realize this was not a good idea?” Maybe, but not action at this time. The AFC should call the hotel directly, and (positive case) should be told to leave the hotel immediately and not to have any contact with the players. But they did not. This was a big mistake.

“Why didn’t his team get tested every third day? No tests were performed for hotel staff between the 11th and 17th, as far as we know. I think it was an unprofessional way to handle the AFC bubble, the championship, the WC qualification, “he said.

He said he was saddened by the AFC’s lack of intention to find a solution. “It simply came to our notice then. You want it to be decided on the pitch. We didn’t even get a chance, there was no discussion. Can we bring in some players, U-17 was in the second bubble? The federation tried everything, “he said.

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