Address your child’s emotional cues; They can ruin their mental health

Childhood is a time when we are free, happy and fully enjoy every moment. We live carelessly and play with all our heart. It is said to be the most beautiful time of one’s life. Meanwhile, during this time, children adapt to the things they see and grow up with similar experiences. Therefore, it is important that we provide a positive environment for children. As children get older, they tend to understand things better and react accordingly. Often, parents do not recognize the emotional trauma of childhood and ignore it. Childhood trauma often causes many mental disorders in people. Try to see if your child is suffering from any of these negative emotions and do parenting properly.

Feelings of unacceptability

Often, the child is denied a role in the family or with friends. Even when they live in a family with siblings, many children feel less loved because the parents do not meet their demands. This makes them feel rejected. If it happens once, it’s normal, but if it happens frequently, it makes your kids feel like they don’t value anything and kills their motivation.

Fear of loneliness

In the early days, children need their parents around them. When both parents are at work or busy in their lives, they may ignore their children. Children can feel lonely and abandoned. If you are working, try to make up for lost time when you get back home, instead of prioritizing other things. Every day at least one parent should be with the child. A child is abandoned when parents push their children away and do not talk to them regularly.

Feeling embarrassed

Many parents have a habit of criticizing their children in front of everyone. They often compare themselves to others and feel bad about anything. However, constant criticism makes them feel humiliated in front of others.

Get betrayed

When parents do not keep their promises, children feel betrayed. Children do not apply logic; They just take things in stride. Therefore, parents should try to keep in touch with their children and not make them feel that they are not their priority.

Do not do justice to them

Many parents can take their children’s side, even if they are wrong, while others may never listen to their children. Both are wrong. Parents should always listen to their child’s side and judge accordingly

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