5G will create huge job opportunities: Telecom Secretary

New Delhi: Arrival of 5g And the new services that it will launch will create new job opportunities in the market, new technology requires the right manpower skills, Telecom Secretary K. Rajaraman Said Wednesday.
Rajaraman was speaking at a program Telecom The Sector Skills Council (TSSC) said that from BharatNet to space communications and 5G to fixedline broadband services, the telecom sector will unlock new job requirements in various categories.
He called on the industry to take a closer look at the creation of the Talent Pipeline to address these emerging opportunities.
“5G growth will come from the number of uses that allow in various industrial settings … 5G, due to the nature and capability of the technology, will open up a whole new range of skills,” Rajaram said.
The top DoT official assured that 5G would promote jobs in augmented reality, virtual reality, Internet of Things and other areas.
Even fixed wireline broadband, where penetration levels are low, in fact, well below the global benchmark, has a clear headroom for double-digit growth, he noted.
“Soon we look forward to overcoming the policy hurdles facing the fixed wireline industry and see how we can provide the necessary pressure to move the industry forward,” he said, adding that given the potential and current small growth The rates are quite affordable. Foundation.
“… the jobs that can be provided are phenomenal,” he asserted.
Noting that the standards of technology and communication are global, Rajaram also asked the TSSC to actively work with other nations to sign some mutually recognized agreements in the certification system in the telecom sector.


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