5 physical exercises for kids to enjoy and stay fit

Children need an open environment to develop mentally and physically. Previously, children were involved in activities that could physically challenge them. They used to go to the park, play outdoor games, cycle etc. However, children are now becoming more dependent on technology and spending more time on mobile phones, tablets or televisions. These activities not only weaken them physically but also put a strain on their brain. Parents should encourage children to go out and spend time doing physical activities.

There are small exercises for children that they can do to stay fit and prevent diseases like obesity. Let’s take a look at how parents can give their children exercises that will keep them active and active.


Running also helps build bones and build muscle. Children do not have to run like adults, they have to run freely to do anything. Encourage your children to play sports that require running. Ask them to play Raat-e-Tat (Pakdam Pakdai) or race with each other which will bring out their active and lively side.


Another physical activity that children will enjoy and enjoy will be dancing. Play any song and enjoy dancing with your child. Just have fun, smile, jump, and let that body flow naturally to the beat of the song. It’s the perfect physical workout for your baby.


Skipping coordinates the whole body and creates a sense of balance in children. Give your child a rope of his size and spend at least 15 minutes ignoring him. Be their partner and do it with them. It will also create a healthy parent-child relationship.

Frog walk, crab walk or bear crawl

Play a game with your kids where they have to walk like frogs or crabs. It would be funny to see them walk this way but trust us, it helps to strengthen their thighs. First, show them how to do it and then, ask them to perform. Find a new move every day and play this game with them.

Stretching and yoga

When you sit down with your yoga mat, let your child join you. Explain the benefits of yoga to them and do simple asanas with them. Stretching and yoga make their bodies flexible. Yoga also helps to increase their concentration levels and improve their breathing.

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