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Mumbai: They are just memes, but promise to eliminate any traditional advertising campaign and leave any influencer behind. Dolo 650 is spending her moments under the sun with funny and vain memes capturing the frustration of covid-infected people to ward off fever and body aches on social media.
Over the past few weeks, Omicron Wave has been getting stronger, with social media platforms filled with wild memes and posts on the pain-relieving pill Dolo 650. As a result, the market share of tablets – sold by Bangalore based. Micro Labs – Rocketed in the sky in December (see graphic), and this month also shows a spike. Dolo 650 contains 650mg Paracetamol, Which is antipyretic (for fever) and Analgesic (For pain relief).
Estimates indicate that more than 80 memes are in circulation, raising concerns about the indirect promotion of prescription drugs, their irrational use, and inappropriate self-medication. More importantly, experts point out that the promotion and advertising of drugs is a violation of the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act and should not be allowed to be unchecked. As paracetamol is a prescription drug, it cannot be promoted under the law for fever.

“Many patients are taking self-medication without proper diagnosis – this can lead to serious side effects,” said Dr. Krishna Kumar, general secretary of the Indian Medical Association. Jayesh Lele Told TOI.
“Dollo has become a four-letter word brand that has great utility and ubiquity for many people. This, in turn, has led to the Dolo 650-every-home kind of movement. This is a super-brand status for OTC (over-the-counter), “said Brand Strategy Specialist Harish Bijure. Micro Labs was amazed. Executive VP (Marketing) Jayaraj Govindaraju Said, “We are promoting it in accordance with the law, and there are statutory warnings on the pack.” While paracetamol is known to be a well-tolerated drug when taken in prescribed doses, they add that overuse can be associated with severe liver and pancreatic injury.


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